Planning for Progress- David Abioye

Planning is as potent as prayer

Failure to plan is planning to fail

It is success in planning that leads to success in life.

You will sweat less when you plan well

Every vision works (unfolds) by planning

The secret trade mark of an enterprise is strategy, planning.

Effect is not in noise but planning

There is no accidental success; you love to plan for it

Planning – comes via thinking and writing.

Combination of Holy Spirit and human Spirit is what makes excellence. Prov.16:9; Lk.14:28; Prov.20:5; Hab.2:1-4

Daily Devotional

POWER OF WORDS | Today: 2017-02-03

Words are verbalized thoughts.

Words are vocal expressions of thoughts, words are extensions of intentions.

Out of the abundance of thought of the heart, the m…


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