#LEADERSHIPEMPOWERMENTSUMMIT Engaging the Power of Prayer and Fasting for Sustainable Church Growth by Bishop David Oyedepo

Obedience is the platform that provokes the release of sworn blessings, Genesis 22:16-18. In sworn blessing is the end of all strife. Your delight-some obedience provokes God’s sworn blessings upon your life, 1 Samuel 15:22.

Isaiah 66:3 it takes the pains of prayer to generate and sustain church growth; it takes going through the labour room of prayers to birth church growth. It is the pains of prayers that culminate in the result of the gains of church growth. As long as you must carry pregnancy, you must be ready to go through the labour room; in the same vain no church on earth can generate and sustain remarkable church growth without labouring in the place of prayer, Galatians 4:19. We are not just talking of church growth here but sustainable church growth, Acts 2:46-47. Where our obedience to the law of prayers stops is where the growth stops, 1Samuel 2:29. Prayer is the master key to growing and sustaining church growth, Hebrews 12:12-13


  • Church growth is warfare. There is a force resisting the access of men to the gospel, Matthew 16:18, Matthew 17:21. The devil busy around the clock plotting against the growth of the church.
  • The Holy Spirit is the Lord of the Harvest who only gets into action when we pray. Luke 11:13, Zechariah 10:1. We must make demands for the growth of the church by the hand of the Holy Ghost. We must pray the Holy Ghost to continue to mobilize men and women into the church as He did in the upper room. The acts of the apostles refer to the acts of the Holy Ghost; He is the master mind behind church growth and we can only invoke Him into action on the prayer altar.
  • We must continue to pray for the eruption and interruptions of signs and wonders that will result in remarkable church growth, John 4:48. Acts 9:34-35 signs and wonders have a way of turning whole cities to God.
  • It takes prayers to see our new converts established in the faith. Colossians 4:12 we are praying against the re-entrance of unclean spirits seeking to enter into the lives of our new converts Luke 11:24-26.
  • It takes the word to sustain church growth. we must pray for continuous for the release of revelation from our altar, Matthew 24:28, Ephesians 6:19
  • To keep the church going, we must continue to pray for the needs of our converts. Philippians 1:19, Ephesians 6:8, every prayer you pray for someone is the same thing that will come to you. Anything you pray to make happen for others holds specific returns for you, Galatians 6:2.

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