#Shiloh2016 #MyCaseIsDifferent #HourofVisitation: Revelation Enhances Our Level of Command in Hard times by David Oyedepo Jnr.

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The bible makes it clear that in the last days perilous times shall come, 2 Timothy 3:1, Malachi 4:1. Joel 2:2 one of the characteristics of perilous times is darkness, Isaiah 60:2. God has a plan of redeeming His people even in these times of confusion, Malachi 3:17-18, Malachi 4:1-2, Jeremiah 17:5-8 God has a demarcation plan in place for His people. There are those who will be victims of the perilous times and those who will have dominion in these times as well.


The Key of Light- by light here we are referring to revelation Isaiah 60:1-8, 15. When light comes everything changes around you. Light sets a man’s life on flight.  Isaiah 60:22. What demarcates one’s experience from another is light.

According to scriptures, the dominion of light over darkness is unquestionable, John 1:15. Your revelation is what determines your experience Psalm 45:3. Any man of light is automatically in charge Genesis 1:1-15, Psalm 30:5, Psalm 109:17-22. Everyman’s experience is light determined. If you don’t like your experience increase the light.


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