#Shiloh2016 #MyCaseIsDifferent #HourofVision: Walking in the Fear of the Lord Guarantees a Future by Bishop Thomas Aremu

Every believer in Christ has a glorious future; the moment you are justified you are ordained to be glorified. The fear of the Lord is not a gift, it is a choice; you must Deuteronomy 30:19-20, Isaiah 11:2. The potential to fear God is in you the moment you encounter the Holy Ghost, but you must make the choice. Your choice is what determines your access; it is what determines what you believe.


  • A crave to please God as a lifestyle, Psalm 19:9, Genesis 22:1-12. If you give Him anything you. Deuteronomy 28:12.
  • A heart that is ever panting after God, Proverbs 23:26, Psalm 42:1-4
  • Is a commitment to obey every divine instruction, from the Lord as they come to you from time-to-time. Most of the times, these instructions are not convenient.
  • It is the hate of evil and magnification of God, Proverbs 8:13. With the fear of the Lord you don’t struggle to serve Him, Psalm 112:1-3

The man that fears the Lord is the one that has guarantee of a glorious future. The world says no one knows tomorrow, but the man that fears the Lord has access to things to come, Psalm 25:12-14. One of the proof/evidence of the fear of God is ceaseless revelation/inspiration; his actions are prompted by inspiration and his decisions are taken from a depth of revelation.


  • You will fear the Lord and keep His commandment, Deuteronomy 6:2
  • You will serve Him, Deuteronomy 6:13, Joshua 24:14 serving God will be your delight if you fear God. If you say you fear God, serve Him with sincerity and good conscience
  • You will obey Him when convenient and when not convenient; we are not talking about delayed but prompt/on the spot obedience
  • You will love Him, Deuteronomy 10:12
  • You will praise Him, Psalm22:23, be careful of everything and anything you are too desperate to get, desperation leads to sin, Luke 4:3.
  • If you fear God, you will be thankful to Him

Acts 9:31 if you fear the Lord He will multiply you. If you miss one you are more likely to miss all, stick to obedience. Matthew 10:28, Psalm 24:1. Psalm 111:10 the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom Isaiah 60:1.


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