CalabarCityChurch#40daysofcommunity- Why Focus on Love (Community Focus)

The church no longer focuses on love because we are in the Endtime. This is the time when people lose their conscience consciously despite the obvious reality.

* Instead of doing something about what is happening we just focused on faith, prayers and a whole lot of other spiritual matters but the truth is the only kind of faith God recognizes is the faith that expresses itself in love. 

Love that is not expressed is not love at all

Matthew 22:37-40 If love is what matters to God why don’t we spend sometime talking about it and practicing it. Anything done outside of love no matter how good the intention is, its a sin. 

Many of us believe God is the primary beneficiary of our obedience and our benefit is escaping the snares set for us. 1 John 4:20-21 the primary beneficiary of your obedience to God’s law is not God, its not you but the next person that law benefits that is, everyone whom God is an extension of God and if you can’t treat that person well you just can’t treat God well.

The laws are not there because of God but because He wants to protect us per time.

When you lie to a person what that implies is that, that person is not deserve the truth 

Making heaven is not the reason to do good/follow the law because that actually is not in line with God’s motive.

Matthew 25:31-40 all actions will be judged based on love motive. God’s judgement is basef on how we treated other people. *The value you put on others communicates the value you put on Jesus.

There is no gift of love and no one has or have ever had, its a fruit that we must bear which is done primarily by learning and practicing.

Any business set up on the basis of love automatically becomes remarkably outstanding

“To love is a deliberate act that you must deliberately practice”

“The Real thing we are looking for in life is satisfaction & fulfilment but this can only be achieved on the platform of love”


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