Image result for shiny stonesDavid took 5 stones but used one, one of today’s 5 stone can save you a messed up life especially in tough times. what are these stones?

1.Productivity is no longer an advice, its an obligation! If you don’t produce you wont be happy! others product command your money , whose pocket(s) is your product controlling.

2.Quarantine your association, good friends are the greatest support system in life not the hospital oxygen tank because good friends would prevent you from getting there! Don’t let the weakling that wont be in your future ruin it for you. No value, no friendship.

3.Fall in love with the truth and romance with revelations, it is the only ticket to long life. Lies never last longer enough but truth will live beyond your life. Revelations summaries years of lectures and vaccinates terrible future experiences.

4. Value your marriage and family, its a pleasure living in the tent with someone you love but a misery to live in a mansion alone! A daughter’s kiss last longer than incentives at work, a wife’s hug is stronger than a cologne or a body odour.

5. In the midst of it all let your decision today alter your experience in life positively.

One of my goals in life is that my name would be in your testimonial!


Afolabi Julius Olatunde


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