Covenant Day of Vegeance: Engaging the Ministry of the HolySpirit for Exploits- Israel Oyebamiji 

Nahum 1:2 God does not take chance with His elect. He protects His own from the wickedness of the wicked. 

We are destined to manifest the glory of God, but the forces of the devil is fighting tirelessly to restrict the power of God upon our lives. God is jealous about His people. God is interested in setting us free from the camp of the enemy.

For every believer, exploits is what God has destined us to command. Exploits is commanding outstanding and extraordinary results in all our endeavors. 

Three operational dimension of the Spirit and Empowers us for exploits

  • The Spirit of Power, Psalm 63:2. The Spirit of power enables us to experience the glory of God. Without being empowered there is no exploit. Acts 1:8, Luke 24:49. As a child of God you need to be empowered before you dare to flex your muscle. Through the Spirit of power we can do strange works. We require the Spirit of God to command exploits.

For you to enjoy the Spirit of God for empowerment you need to:

  • You need to be born again
  • You need to ask for it

How to provoke Vegeance

  • You need to arise, Psalm 68:1. If you keep quiet and not talk to God, He may not step in. Kingdom possession is not for the gentle.

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