The Word & Prayer- David Abioye

Naturally, the two elements that makes fire are “wood” and “fuel”.

Scripturally, the word is wood while prayer is fuel.

When the two are combined fire results on the altar.

By assignment, it is the duty of priest to generate the two.

The priest is custodian of the word (Lev.6:12,13 & 27) and is an ordained intercessor.

By the word he feeds the people (Mic.6:9; 7.14) similarly by prayer he keeps them warm, and also keeps satan away since he cannot survive a hot environment.

Jesus, our High Priest came to establish the order – He will pray at night and fed the people at day time.

The apostles continued with the same principles – Acts.1:14-26; 6:4

By feeding God’s people with the word, we get them stabilized and immovable by the enemy and by prayer we keep them warm and unreachable by the devil.


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