#IYAC2016 Unveiling the Characteristics of Endtime Rescue Agents: Enagaing the Power of Zeal for Supernatural Accomplishment by Eduvie Omamadaga

Eduvie Omamadaga

Nothing accomplishes itself in life, every accomplishment is enforced by someone. To do nothing and still expect something is to live a life of frustration. The endtime church of God is ordained to be triumphant; but it takes the zeal of the Lord to get this done, 2 King 19:31. God is a zealous God and everything that He does requires His zeal, Isaiah 9:7. God’s performance is tied to His zeal. Even Jesus require the zeal of the Lord to accomplish His mission on earth, Psalm 69:8, Matthew 2:17.

What is Zeal?

  • A passionate drive that propels you towards achieving great things for God, Mark 1:12. When zeal comes on your life, tou are driven. Watchour for a zealous man, he is not driving but something ia driving him.
  • It is a tangible inner force that keeps you going at all cost, Ephesians 3:16
  • It means a fervency of the Spirit burning like fire in your soul for the accomplishment of your divine assignment, Romans 12:11, John 5:35. Set yourself on fire and the world will gather to watch you burn.
  • A beyond yourself labour that gives God the best part of you for which God deserves, Malachi 1:6
  • Zeal is an emotional expeession of your burning love for God, Luke 2:29. When God gives tou the go ahead, don’t stand get moving.

The Worth of Zeal

  • Zeal pushes you to accomplish the impossible inspite of all odds. A zealous man sees every obstacle as an opportunity, Hebrews 12:2, John 4:34. Until you set aside all your excuses, you cannot make marks before the Lord. Mark 9:4
  • Zeal motovates bold steps and stedfastness without discouragement, Isaiah 42:1,4. Men of zeal are men of courage, nothing discourages them Acts 20:24
  • Zeal empowers your dedication and unreserved committment in giving yourself to pursuing God’s divine agenda for your life.

Examples of People who worked with Zeal

  • Noah, Genesis 6:14-18. Do what have not been done before to see what you have not seen before. Hebrews 11:7
  • Abraham, Hebrews 11:17-19. Abraham with his zeal was willing to go the extra mile for God.
  • Jehu, 2 Chronicles 22:7. One man that confronted a whole nation because of His unstoppable zeal. 2 King 10:16
  • Caleb, even though God promised Caleb the mountain of Hebron, that was not his motivating force, Joshua 14:10-14. Caleb was jealous for God.
  • David, 1 Samuel 17:26
  • Paul, Paul consistently put his life at stake for God, 1 Corinthiabs 9:16, Phillipians 1:4. Those who take with God never take charge
  • Epaphras, Colossians 4:12-13

Applied zeal is what counts before God not the zeal you talk. Matthew 10:39, Revelation 3:19.

You can’t do it in the energy of flesh, you need the empowerment of the Spirit, Romans 8:12.


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