“And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.” (Mark 4:37)

Whenever God wants to take you to the next level, the enemy always has a way of sending storms your way to hinder your progress into that next level. The storm is to prevent you from being focused so that in that state of distraction, you will loose sight of your destination.

As you make the journey of life and something unexpected happens, don’t panic. Call on the savior and He will rescue you from that ragging storm. Let Jesus fight for you. Who can resist God? Instead of you to sink, it is your enemies that will sink. Jesus is saying, “it is enough”. Our Lord knows the root of the storm and dealt with it.

The eye of the storm is the root of your problem .Jesus did not just speak to the wind, He also addressed the water. The next level will demand for a higher and better preparation. When you pray, you must also prepare yourself to cope with the demands of this level. When God says He wants to take you to the next level ,you´d better be prepared for it. God expects you to do the necessary research.


PRAYER/CONFESSION: I address every storm that is ragging in my life. “Enough is enough”


WORDS OF WISDOM: Prayer without preparation leads to destruction.


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