#IYAC2016: Unveiling the Characteristics of Endtime Rescue Agents- Humility the Key to kingdom Distinction by Abraham John-Oze

Abraham John-Oze

Matthew 5:5 another word for humility is Meekness. If you don’t have the spirit of meekness you cannot be distinct on this earth. God has placed us on the earth to be incharge but you cannot access your dominion capacity without humility.

James 4:6-10 it takes meekness for you to be able to draw near to God. God wants to draw close to us but we need to create the atmosphere for Him to come close to us. Meekness begins in the heart and thedevil is working by all means to take hold of your heart so that you cannot access God. The secret of going upis stooping down for God to lift you. It is better for you to humble yourself than for God to humble you.

As Endtime rescue agents God has prepared the top for us, but we need to be humble so that when God gets us to the top we can remain on top, Proverbs 4:18, Ezekiel 36:26. God tests our humility with little gifts amd if we don’t appreciate Him accordingly we block the way for better things to come. Humility is not a gift of the Spirit but something you must prepare yourself for, Proberbs 18:12. 

There is the deception of be your own boss eating up people’s destinies in this age. You must learn under someone else you will crash, Proverbs 16:18. 

What is Humility?

  • Humility is the inner strength of Godly character. That is the inner you that will make the outer you appreciated. Job is an example of a man who displayed humility despite all odds against him.
  • The quality of having a modest or low view o ones importance. Humility does not connote stupidity, Phillipians 2:5-7. If you truly want to become great you must humble yourself.

Why Humility?

  • It is the strength of character to access grace. Without humility God can never release a certain level  of grace upon your life. James 4:6 e the meeker you are, the more grace is released on you.
  • It gives you access to the blessings you don’t merit, James 4:10. With humility, what you don’t merit you inherit.
  • It is the virtue of the HolySpirit to conquer pride, Galatians 5:22-23. Meelness is not a gift of the HolySpirit but it is tje fruit of the HolySpirit. You can manifest the gifts of the HolySpirit here on earth but you need the Fruits of the HolySpirit to make heaven. For everything we receive we must consciously give God glory. The reason some of us are stagnated is because we do not have the right heart.

How do I develop Meekness

  • Surrender yourself to the HolySpirit. Open yourself to the HolySpirit so that He can remould your live.
  • Embrace Kingdom Service. You have not been saved to be served, you have been saved to serve. If you can embrace service there is nowhere God cannot take you to. You must be consistent in your service; serving God consciously for who He is. Join a service unit and watch God do wonders in your life. Luke 22:26-27 serve God heartily.

1 Chronicles 28:9

What do I gain from Humility?

  • Humility brings you to honour and glory Proverbs 29:23, 2 Kings 2:9,15, 1 Corinthians 2:9
  • It is the pathway to greatness, Matthew 18:4, Daniel 4:30. Proud people learn the hard way. Pride is a destroyer, pride is a sinker. Proverbs 16:18. God will rescue you first before He will turn you to a rescue agent. Pray God not to do through you what He has not done in you.

God is looking for people who are humble and people who will not share His glory with Him.


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