#IYAC2016 Communion Service: Understanding the Person and the Nature of the HolySpirit by Israel Oyebamiji

No engine can operate without its liquid component so also any believer without the HolySpirit, your life will pack up. The absence of the Spirit of God in your life keeps you grounded.

As there are different kind of vehicles/generators so are there different kind of believers. The power they have the more function they perform. When you are filled with power your life gains motion and you receive capacity to do exploits.

Acts 2:1-3 the church was born by fire on the day of pentecost. The HolySpirit is the empowerment that enabled the deciples to breakforth. The level of your empowerment determines the level of exploits you can command. 

How to receive the Power of the HolyGhost?

  • You need to be born again; Acts 2:38 redemption qualifies us for the empowerment of the HolyGhost.  Proverbs 1:23 until you turn to Jedus you can receive the fresh baptism of the HolyGhost.
  • Be thirsty for the infilling of the HolyGhost, Isaiah 41:17-21. 
  • Recognize that Jesus Christ is the baptizer not any man, Matthew 3:11.

Who is the HolySpirit?

  • The HolySpirit is the third person in Trinity. 
  • John 16:12-13 the HolySpirit is pur guide. When you allow Him to guide you, it will always lead to profiting for you. Any step taken without the guidance of the HolyGhost eventually ends up in ruins.

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