#covenanthourofprayer: Engaging the Lord of the Harvest for Supernatural Church Growth- Bishop David Oyedepo 

Jesus is mightily present in our midst on a mission to bless His people. Always jump at opportunities to encounter divine light.
Matthew 8:39 the first miracle of the manifestation of the HolySpirit is the massive in-gathering of souls into the kingdom of God. Every act of God in our lives and midst is vital and we must not make light of them. Any act of God in your life you disregard disqualifies u for the next. Acts 6:7 every move of God must first impact in the life of people by drawing them into the kingdom of God. Every revival must bring multitudes to God.

Two Ways the HolySpirit Engenders us for Supernatural Church Growth 

  • He empowers us to flow in supernatural wisdom for harvesting multitude into the kingdom, Proverbs 11:30. God’s wisdom is always released to any man that asks. We must pray for divine wisdom so that our moves will not be in vain, Daniel 12:3. The Spirit of wisdom is not what you receive once and for all but a spirit you require for every task.
  • The HolySpirit empowers our prayer life for leading multitudes to Christ. If the  revival must be ongoing then the prayer altar must keep burning. We must therefore pray for the Spirit of prayer and supplication, Romans 8:26-27.

We need to engage the multi dimensional ministry of the Lord of the harvest. Isaiah 44:3-4

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