“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, where unto thou art also called…” (1 Timothy 6:12 )

The very first word in the above scripture is “fight” .If the Bible says you should fight, it automatically implies that you have an adversary. The big question is, “Who are you to fight?”. The devil is the adversary. The greatest trick the devil has devise is the fact that he has been able to manipulate men to believe that he does not exist. You cannot sit down with your hand folded and watch the devil mess up your life. When you are dealing with the devil, you must fight aggressively. You must have a fighting faith.

If everyone who professed to be a believer knows how hard the devil is fighting to make him or her backslide, then they will take their salvation seriously and will be more dedicated in the church. If you must overcome in this battle, you must fight the good fight both spiritually and physically.

FURTHER READING: II Corinthians.2: 14, I Timothy 6: 12

PRAYER / CONFESSION: I am triumphant always. I will not sit and watch the devil mess me up. I will fight the good fight of faith.

WORDS OF WISDOM: The word fights the battle, but your faith wins it.


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