Who is Carrying Your Grace- Ayo Oritsejafor

“And Boaz said unto her, at mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread,” (Ruth 2:14)
Grace means unmerited favor but it is also that supernatural help that will give you the advantage over those ahead of or greater than you. I want you to know that God can use anybody, no matter who he is, to help you and such person is the person carrying your grace. When Joseph was in prison, Pharoah’s butler was the man carrying his grace. Likewise Ruth. Boaz was the man carrying Ruth’s grace. There is a man/woman that is carrying the grace that you need. You may not know the person,  but you will definitely find him/her. This day, the person carrying your grace is coming. As you walk around in town, square, rub your shoulders because your grace is coming.
When you meet your grace carrier there are three significant things he will provide. First, he will give you a supernatural invitation like Ruth .This means that every curse would change to a blessing in your life. No human being can refuse you. Second: the Bible states that Ruth sat beside the reapers. It means that she became one of the reapers. She left the company of the sorrowful. This is what your grace carrier gives to you; the ability to sow.Third, your grace carrier brings satisfaction even in the midst of want.
PRAYER/CONFESSION: Father, in the mighty name of Jesus wherever I find myself cause me to find the man/woman that is carrying my grace. Amen
WORDS OF WISDOM: Boaz was the man carrying Ruth’s grace.

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