Covenant Hour of Prayers- Bishop David Oyedepo

It is not enough to cry, you must cry the cry that produces result. It is not every prayer that is answered. You have not because you ask amiss. It is important to know how to ask aright.

Engaging in revelation driven prayer

Prayers based on the revelation of the word. 1 John 2:1. If you pray according to God’s will you are pursuing divine agenda and God will respond speedily.

Genesis 18:19-23,  John 5:8. To prevail in prayers, we must engage in revelation driven prayers. Acts 4:23-33. If you gove God’s word back to Him in understanding, He reaponds with speed.

  • God wants all men to be saved and have the knowledge of the truth, 1 Peter 2:4, Psalm 73:17, 2 Peter 4:9 
  • God does not want anyman to perish. John 10:16

To pray according to the will of God energizes people in prayer; Praying in full understanding of God’s word and bringing that word to Him- strong reasons.


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