Understanding the Mystery of God’s Voice- David Abioye

God’s voice is powerful. His power is behind His voice. Ps.29:3,11.

You can’t hear His voice and doubt Him.

His voice imparts supernatural faith.

His voice destroys fear, worries and anxiety, and builds faith.

Every minister that seeks to succeed must be acquinted with His voice.

Without hearing His voice well you cannot become a voice among men.

Those who hear His Voice don’t fear satan’s Noise.

His voice silences all noises of satan and circumstances.

His voice raises the dead – Jh.5:25; Jh.11:43,44

His voice conveys His blessings – Ps.89:15

His voice is key to divine guidance. Ps.89:15

All His children have access to His voice. Jh.10:1-5

But hearing His voice demands sensitivity and spiritual alignment.

His voice is heard only by those of the “mountain”. II Pet.1:18; Rev.1:10,11

Where you stand determines how and what you hear.

The voice of God is

  • Voice of victory
  • Voice of resurrection – Jh.5:25

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