Draw Closer to God pt1- Ayo Oritsejafor

“Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you…” (James 4:8a).

The question is, “Is God always moving or running away?” No! God is always constant. Is it that as you move towards God, He will also be moving towards you? No! What Apostle James is saying to you through the spirit of God is simply that: the more you draw close to God, the closer you are to Him. And the closer you are to Him, the more you can feel His power, touch, anointing, grace, and mercy, etc! If, therefore, you want to feel God’s power in your life so that you can do His work with ease and be able to touch people’s lives in a greater measure, you must flow with Him.

The more you flow with Him, the deeper you know Him and the easier it becomes for you to lift up your head and fight your battles because you are confident of the fact that you are fighting with the strength you have drawn from Him, and not of your natural but feeble self.

The most exciting aspect of it all is that. Being busy for God takes your mind off the devil. And God in turn will be so busy about your well-being that your life. Are you surprised? Don’t you know that the devil is a distractor? However, it is your deep involvement in God’s work that God responds to, not to the devil per say. Because of your deep love relationship with Him, He knows your name, your house address, you’re going out and coming in, and even the things you don’t know about yourself. So He builds a hedge around your life which the devil cannot penetrate. When you have no limits in your service to God, He also has no limits in rewarding you.

FURTHER READING: Psalm 73:28; Hebrews 10:22
PRAYER/CONFESSION: Oh LORD, put your hunger in my life and take over my life. Let your word be my water and food.

Let me know you deep enough to love you and live in your will for my life daily, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!

WORDS OF WISDOM: If you want limitless blessings, serve God without limit.


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