The Mastery of Discovery- Julius Afolabi

Do you know you are a specially customized package sent to achieve great things on the earth?

No one can become a master without discovery. It knowing the treasure within you, the capacity stored in your life that determine your placement in life.

It is only a pity that we often renege the total pursuit of who we are and what we are capable of doing. God has our script, we are to take the responsibility to discover the details.

How do I discover my treasure?

1. Become a friend of God and then he can show you His mind about you. True friends are sincere and transparent. Enmity with God is misery guaranteed. Job 9:4! Loving and living for God will make you a global wonder! You will die empty being a friend of God. The losses are too much resisting your maker! Psalms 16:4! This is not a sermon but life management principle. First things first!

2. Know yourself:
You will be trod under the foot of slaves if you are ignorant of who you are. If you are confused you will fuse with struggles. knowledge is a solvent that dissolves confusion. You need substantial knowledge. Knowledge comes from a studious life. The reading culture is tough but it is an obligatory necessity if you want to know yourself! Mastery means accurate discovery of self. They call it self actualization in motivation management. Many people quit studying about themselves, their environment and the future. Environment has a scope of you. Find out your use and value in environment where you live. You are your mind. Information unveils skills and improves capacity. What you know us your advantage but how relevant what you know and apply gives expression of your treasure a platform.

3. Have a template: A fool with a plan will outwit a genius without a plan. Plan is an expression of your impressions about the future from studies and harness of capacity to activate and mobilize potentials. Your plan is your template of your vision. Without a goal for your life, you can’t uncover what you can accomplish. Without a strategy there would be tragedy. Strategy is wisdom exemplified. Wisdom is knowledge understood correctly applied. What proofs discovery and mastery is understanding!

4. Build capacity: preparation is the exercise of potentials. Mastery is a function of capacity expressed. Without capacity you are a liability. Life repels liabilities. Preparation is demonstrating ability to make happen. If you don’t prepare, you can’t repair anything. We are all created to repair something and there is so much to repair. This is why there are sectors in government, disciplines in school, volitions and professions, skills and diversities of talents cum gifts. What are you going to do with these treasures. Your capacity is your treasure. Treasure requires the furnace of preparation. Preparation is getting your hands dirty band quitting pride. It is the humility of untiring learning. Raise your sleeves and work it out. Get laziness, laxity and slackness off your back and life. Life means work.

5. Ignite Action: Result is a great explanation of how much you are worth where ever. Action powers results! Inaction is perilous. Intention conversion quotient is a display of mastery and activation of discovery. Action is strategic management by objective. What are your actions worth? Fools procrastinate until opportunity becomes history and they become unfortunate. The action of financial education shows in wealth creation. If you are growing and your income is not growing insult will catch up with you. You need economic power to have a voice. To be listened is a proof of mastery and discovery.

This morning I dare you to unveil YOU. Register your value in the life institutions of mankind.


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