Walk The Path- Julius Afolabi

Don’t mind yesterday, rewrite and remake it today so that you will be full of smiles tomorrow. Don’t mind how you look now, you are a work in progress. Besides your present state is another persons request. Such is life! Things may be tough but only God makes a way where there is none. When God favors you, your smile will be endless.

Those who run for materials never eventually live life. Those who run for God’s glory to be made manifest do not only live life, they excel in life. Don’t feast your life away with pleasure, zeal without knowledge, thanklessness, and odd passion! Life is but a shadow! Prioritize well!

Stand, see, ask and walk the path of greatness that many have walked with unending success. Jeremiah 6:16!

This is an outstanding week, I will deliver the best and get excellent results. Impact lives, minister the kingdom and steer men to their place. No man can be better than his origin. Default is strength, source is the root of size! I am created to demonstrate the mastery of my craft to reveal and manifest the son of whom I am. This is that week made for another shift in my enthronement by grace and mercy!

Value is the substance of life and life without Christ is a wasted investment. God can bless you academically, He can even promote you professionally, He can secure you with the blessings of a wonderful marriage and pad you with wealth but everything will be nothing if no one is touched through all these privileges especially everything will be nothing without knowing the master and savior who has invested so much in you. All of God’s gift is an investment. The tragedy of living is being ignorant of the most necessary, a quality walk with God! Ecc 12:13!

Walk with God this month and you will be a customized testimony! Roman 8:1!

Don’t forget you and your attitude are the prophet of your future!


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