Fear Not Talk to God- Ayo Oritsejafor

“And God remembered Rachel and God hearkened to her and opened her womb, and she conceived and bare a son…” (Genesis 30:22-23)

In the above scripture, Rachael suffered shame and embarrassment from her people. She was barren even after facing the challenge of being Jacob’s second wife instead of his first wife. Whenever she needed a helper, she would go begging or hiring while Leah had so many people (children) who assisted her.

Assuming Rachael had given up on God, she would have died a barren. The Bible records that Rachael kept talking to God concerning her situation and it came to pass even when it seemed impossible. Do not waste your time complaining to man about your situation because they cannot help you. No wonder Rachael told Leah that the shame was not her’s but God’s. Whatever you are going through is not your shame. God’s reputation is at stake here. He will take away that disgrace and reproach from your life. Your breakthrough is possible.

When you trust and depend on God, He will remember you. People may have named you because of your predicament but God will turn that embarrassment to embracement and upliftment for you because He has remembered you today.

FURTHER READING: Psalms 30:5; Genesis 30:22-24
PRAYER/CONFESSION: In this season of all possibilities, my fruitfulness will know no bounds because GOD has enlarged my coast beyond my expectation.
WORDS OF WISDOM: Tears may rock you but its reign expires at dawn.


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