Doubt: The Poverty Zone- Julius Afolabi

Poverty begins with doubting God. We find it difficult to belief we are blessed because of situation, conditions and circumstances. Adam and Eve doubted what God said and their poverty began! God cannot lie, when He says you are blessed, belief it and live it. No one who doubts God receives anything. Receipt means possessing what has been given!

True poverty means doubting God’s word not lack of material things. Life is more of spiritual than physical or material. Remember Jesus’s summary in Luke 12:15 that our materials are not out true worth! Our faithfulness to the word of God is our true worth! Hallelujah! I am blessed beyond measure because I know belief the word of God.

The rich fool’s analysis of himself was true state of ignorance, he calculated his physical constructions and physical accumulations as his net worth not knowing his soul’s state was his wealth status! If you are not rich towards God, you are capitally poor!

Jesus said in the beatitudes that blessed are the poor in spirit, the poor in spirit are the one thirst for faith! Those who seek God find blessings and true riches. He further stated that “there’s is the kingdom of heaven”. In heaven there is no lack! Poor in spirit is the quest for the word of God, the search for strength of faith! Faith connects man to the flow of all things. Doubts are the seeds of poverty that brings the harvest of shame and misery. Adam saw his nakedness through the eyes of doubt. Are you still in doubt about what God has said to you? If you are then you are still in the poverty zone but if you have faith in what God has said then I celebrate your testimony of wealth!

Belief God and His word, poverty will be far from you!
Luke 1:45! James 1:6!


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