This is the most sensitive week of the year, the bridge week of the year.

Ignorance makes a man ride with failure and walk with shame but unwilling to make change yet complains.

One of the greatest wisdom in life and in all spheres of life be it business, vocation, profession, ministry or leadership is knowing when to burn the bridge and when to build the bridge.

There is a seven star blessing on the positive side of your present position but you need a bridge to overpower your opposition. In the world of mathematics the Median is notable central measure and in the business world the Break Even is a sensitive economic appraisal and calculation that decides the continuity or abandonment of a project, intention, business, product or service. A good businessman will watch his margin of safety to curtain of input of resources. Resources are scarce; you need the bridge of sound management. You must qualify and quantify your risk. In the workplace, half year review is a matter to consider! In every game, the half time is deductive time to checkmate potentialities. Prophet Habakkuk prayed for a revival in the midst of the year. It is not daunting that the midpoint is an obvious subject.

My observation as I travel has shown that nearly all towns and villages or a set of people are separated by water either in the form of a stream, river or running water, and that necessitates a bridge of some sort in to crossover to the other side. There is the other side of everything in life. Life is bilateral.

A bridge is a very lethal weapon that either enables or disable. A bridge is the pivot that determines the strength of decision to fail or succeed. Sin is a bridge and Righteousness is a bridge.

Abraham had a reserve of seven star blessing in his destiny but God asked him to depart from his father’s house,(Gen 12:1) God told him to absolutely burn the bridge but he partially did as he took Lot with him and that stagnated his access to his possession. Have you completely left your comfort zone? Abraham was 75 when he left and still had challenges when he left because he still carelessly left a door opened to the rot of his father’s house. No matter how old you are, when you leave the comfort zone completely you will still reach your seven star successes.

When Abraham completely burned the bridge by separating from Lot, he was able to see his possession clearly. What does the report of the first half say with you? if you don’t leave your location with direction you will never reach your destination in life!

What was the seven star blessing of Abraham that was on the bridge? Gen 12: 1-3.
1. Greatness
2. Blessings
3. Legacy and honor (Great name)
4. King maker (Bless those that bless thee)
5. Influence (Be a blessing)
6. Security and Life assurance (Curse them that curse thee)
7. National rescue and reformer.

The above is not a record cheaply attained in our age. That is what is available when you burn the bridge and build the bridge.

The bridge matter is a bilateral symmetry. Mutually inclusive. As you burn you build!

This is half year matter!

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