Labour to Lead- David Abioye

It is labourers who end as leaders.

Real leaders are glorified labourers.

Bosses never become leaders no, not even in the system of the world.

If you desire to become a leader then you must respond to the demand of labour, “Labourer” is the “a.k.a” of the diligent.

You can never become a leader if you are not a labourer.

A labourer is one who does the menial work that others despise.

God does not call leaders but labourers.

What validates leadership is “Labourership”.

Bosses are many but labourers are few. Matt.9:37,38

It is labourers that gets the job done.

It is labourers that get elevated. Prov.22:29

God is looking for “feet washers” net “seat seekers”.

Leadership awaits the labourer.

It is labour that guarantees profit – Prov.14:23

A labourer is one who gives time, makes extra effort to get thing done.

It is only labourers that are on God’s payroll.

A labourer stays awake until He finishes work.

A boss goes to sleep whenever He fells like.

Labour platforms include:

  • Prayer – Col.4:12; Gal.4.19; Is.62:7,8
  • The Word – 1 Tim.5:17
  • Faith – Heb.4:11,12
  • Love – Heb.6:10

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