E-Book Download Alert: Breaking the Curse of Poverty by Dr. Wayne C Gwilliam

Many Christians who do not understand scriptures believe poverty is a part of being “holy” and “spiritual” but Dr. Wayne C Gwilliam in this book “Breaking the Curse of Poverty” gives detailed insight into what God has prepared for us and how poverty is not part of it. Dr. Wayne C Gwilliam shows us that Jesus Christ have defeated and broken the curse of poverty therefore, it becomes an anomaly for the Children of God to be poor and still celebrate poverty. Here is a an intro from the book:

Contrary to many different opinions that are being negatively expressed, the prosperity message is a genuine doctrine that has its origin concerning the New Testament Church locked tightly into the life of Christ and sealed by His blood at the Cross. Whether the “heresy hunters” want to admit it or not, the prosperity message is not a “new” doctrine invented by Kenneth Copeland or Kenneth E. Hagin. As a matter of fact, the prosperity message can be traced as far back as the Garden of Eden.

In this book, “Breaking the Curse of Poverty,” you will come to the revelation that God sincerely wants you to “prosper and to be in good health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2).

~ Dr. Wayne C Gwilliam

To download “BREAKING THE  CURSE OF  POVERTY ” by Kenneth Copeland please click the link below

 Breaking the curse of poverty- Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliams


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