Keys to Supernatural Fruitfulness- Israel Oyebamiji

If you don’t know who you are people will call you who you are not. There is no situation too strong for God. God’s will for every child of God is to be fruitful, Genesis 1:28. God is not the author of that challenge in your life- Deuteronomy 7:14 – because He has pronounced you blessed. Your father (God) is a baby maker you cannot be a baby beggar. 

Marriage is designed for fruitfulness; among the benefits of marriage is procreation. Psalm 100:3. If God has not done it for you, hold on because He will do it for you. Proverbs 10:26, if it is full of sorrows then its not from God. Exodus 23:25, 2 Kings 4:9-18. 

  • Serve God because of who He is not because you need something from Him.
  • You need to gain access to God’s word. Locate God’s word for fruitfulness

Vital Keys to allround fruitfulness

  • Identify your God appointed place of service. There are places you go to that add to your problems or give you problems you don’t even have. When you are in your right place, you cannot miss whatsoever God has prepared for you, Deuteronomy 12:13-14.
  • Make Sure you are serving. Having located your place, you must invest yourself into God’s business.

Anything that is too big for your mouth to declare will be too bug for you to handle.


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