Where Did You Leave Him- Ayo Oritsejafor

“And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.”  (Luke 2:43)
If you do not see God in your affairs any more, where have you left Him? Read and understand the word of the Lord. Stop wasting your time. Go back to where you first met Him. If your heart is heavy, go to church. God is always there, He does not go anywhere. Cry to Him all you may. By the time you are leaving, He would have taken away your heavy burden.

When you are looking for Him, do not run all over the place because you will move wrongly. Go to your church. He is there in all His glory waiting for you.
In Luke 2:46, The Bible records that it took three days for Joseph and Mary to find Jesus again. They lost him for one day but it took them three more days to find him again. When they found Jesus, they asked Him why he had dealt with them thus. Jesus answered, “How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my father’s business?” (Luke 2:49). In other words, Jesus was saying, “Where else did you expect to find me if not in my father’s house? How come you are surprised that I am here?” Joseph and Mary went all over the place asking people in haste and anxiety if they had seen their son, but they did not find him again until they got to where they actually left him in the first place, the temple. If you have lost His glory, you will only find it again where you left it in the first place, the house of God. Many people go to Church but leave God there. Stop taking God for granted and retrace your steps.

FURTHER READING: Revelation 3:20-21
PRAYER: Father, I repent of my sins and return to where I left you, your house, in Jesus name! Amen!!
WORDS OF WISDOM: Your lost glory can be found, if you retrace your steps to God.

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