Profitability in Stewardship- David Abioye

Serving God pays!

You don’t end as looser serving God.

You can’t follow God and end as past.

Following God advances destiny especially when done purely out of life.

Peter was an example us indescribable profit in stewardship. Matt.4:18

He didn’t just start following Jesus but He did so to the end. Matt.26:58

He really endured to the end. Matt.24:13

But His fellowship was inspired and en-fired by love.

Those who love God careless about their own lives.

Only those who pass the test of love can truly follow to the end because love makes you undetached from God – John.21:15-17; 1 Cor.2:9

Jesus delivered the mandate to lead the church to Peter only when He Had passed the test of love. John.21:15-17

He was trusted to be called to be a “co-founder” of the church. Matt.16:18, Act.2:1-41.


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