The Story of Mordecai- Ayo Oritsejafor

“I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.” (Ecclesiastes 10:7)
One of the most tragic things in life is to see people who came into this life with glory and honour go through it with nothing, deprived of one fulfilling thing or another. Let me tell you a little about Mordecai. That name means “small man”. Did you know that he was born into the royal family of Saul? But his life was spoilt and manipulated from the day he was named. They reduced his size and compressed his life. This tragic situation of life is what our main text is talking about. You as a Christian are supposed to be carrying glory. How come then that a man that does not know God is the one on the horse? You are better and bigger than your situation. No power can stop you from manifesting your full potential. For the bible says “Greater is He that is in you than the devil that in the world” you can ride above your contenders and opposition because you have the power in you.
The Bible says Mordecai trained Esther who later became queen. But do you know that after she became queen, Mordecai remained a gate man at the king’s palace? That was what Mordecai was reduced to. However, it did not stop him from doing his job diligently and remain steadfast to God. Somehow, Mordecai found out a plot to assassinate the king and told the daughter who told the king and after investigation, it was found to be true. But guess what, Mordecai remained a gate man. Instead, Haman, a diabolic man was promoted, while Mordecai’s daughter did nothing about her father’s position. Mordecai was under spiritual manipulation from the pit of hell. The Bible attributes it to the activities of the ruler. In Ecclesiastes 10:5, the Bible says “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler”.
PRAYERS/CONFESSION: Father, wherever my glory has been stolen and whatever was stolen from my glory, I ask you to restore unto me, in Jesus name! Amen.
WORDS OF WISDOM: Knowing His name takes away the shame and names you in the hall of fame.

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