Vital Keys to Operating in the Supernatural pt3A- Israel Oyebamiji 


1 Peter 5:10

Expectation is the mother of all manifestation. You must build up your expectations in God.

Christianity is not an emblem, it is a testimony of a lifetime. If you are a Christian and you don’t have proofs, people will doubt your Christianity and mock you. Romans 8:19. We cannot manifest the glory of God without signs and wonders.

Jesus lived a life that shows the power and potency of the supernatural. Who you follow determines what follows you therefore, your following Jesus must bring the supernatural to you.

Locate the key that will allow you access to functioning in the supernatural. Keys are vital, and without them you will be stranded.  With the key in you hand, you are in control and every other person will follow you behind.

One Vital Key to Access the Supernatural

The Key of Prayer and Fasting. Prayer is the power service station of every believer. If you want to keep the fire of the HolySpirit in you, you must consistently engage in prayer and fasting Leveticus 6:13. There certain levels that are accessible without prayer and fasting. There are certain kinda of testimony that cannot happen without prayer and fasting, Matthew 17:21, Isaiah 58;8-9

What Happens in Prayer and Fasting 

  • You tear down every barrier and opposition. Stop watching and start praying. What you watch can wash you away.
  • It enhances our level of command in the supernatural.

Ecclesiastics 6:1

Marital Settlement

2 Chronicles 7:6 one thing we must do for God to settle us maritaly we must prepare. Marriage is not something you jump into, you must prepare for it.
How do I Prepare for Marriage?

  • You must make yourself fit. You must package and prepare yourself.
  • Settle with God. Its not by your beauty, you must position tourself rightly. You don’t learn how to shoot gun in the battlefield, you must learn before you get to the battlefield or you’ll crash. The way you package yourself determines how people will see you, Exodus 23:25. You must bw in God’s service.
  • Walk in the fear of the Lord. Deuteronomy 10:11 we need to fear God.
  • Mind Your Character. Character is like a smoke, you can’t hide it. Acts 11:26
  • Don’t Pretend, be sincere to yourself.

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