The Word of God is the Voice of God- Ayo Oritsejafor

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” ( John 10:10)
The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy God’s promises but Jesus Christ said in the same verse: “…I have come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly.” Jesus came for you to have those promises. If it is in your body you can have these promises. In your mind you can have that promise. In your job you can have that promise. But you must understand that there is a battle to take what belongs to you. 
Firstly the Bible says the sheep hear His voice. Which voice are you hearing? The word of God is the voice of God. Anything man says that contradicts the Bible is not the voice of God. When the doctor tells you there is no way for you to be well and whole, thank God for the doctor but don’t accept that report. Don’t receive that report because it contradicts the word of God. For the bible says by his stripes you are healed”. Decide today that you will hear is the voice of God and you will follow his voice. 
In Joshua 1, the children of Isreal and Joshua were faced with mountains, giants, problems and the word of God came unto Joshua. God said to him “this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, you shall mediate day and night…” If you want to have good success, if you want to prosper, you must hear the voice of God. To hear the voice of the Lord is to meditate on the word of God. If God says it, He will bring it to pass! No matter the opposition, the God we serve, He will bring it to pass. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation is. If God has spoken, He will bring it to pass. “For God is not a man for him to lie nor the son of man for him to repent…” What God says about you is the voice of God. What voice are you hearing? God says you can succeed and prosper. You can be healed. Your God is alive, His power is the same.
Harden not your heart. Remove unbelief from your heart. When you have a double mind, today you believe God, the next moment you don’t believe. If the Lord is your Shepherd you shall not want, he leads you beside still waters he restores your soul. Whatever God says about you is the final word. Stand on what God says.  It doesn’t matter what people say. The voice of God will never change in the midst of your circumstance. For God says  “I am the Lord, I change not…” That’s why you are not consumed! When there is no hope, when things seems impossible God is the same. When people laugh at you, God is the same. His healing is the same. His power is the same. His miracle is the same. The God we serve is the same. What He did yesterday He will do it today.
The Bible says “His sheep hears His voice…” The end point is that they follow Him. If you want the promises of God, you will not only hear His voice, you will follow His voice. Whom are you following? Jesus says in Matthew 4:19 the bible said And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. When you follow Christ, He makes you. Men of Honour who will be of help to you will be attracted to you. He shall send a Help to help you fulfill your purpose on earth. 
Joseph is a typical example of someone determined to follow God. When your loved ones decides to throw you in a pit, God will take you out of the pit and He will still make you great.
FURTHER READING: Psalm 95:7-11; James 1: 7-8
PRAYER/CONFESSION: O Lord deliver me from the powers of darkness, send men of honour that will help fulfill my destiny. I hear the sound of abundance coming my way. O Lord I hear your voice, In Jesus name.
WORDS OF WISDOM: Harden not your heart and receive help from God.

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