Asking, Believing and Receiving- David Abioye


God does not answer all that we pray for.

He responds to us just according to our faith.

God is faith restricted and we are faith limited. Matt.9:29

It is not all who are asking that are believing.

Believing is the bridge between your asking and receiving.

Faith is your heart moves the hand of God to respond to the request of your mouth.

Delivery is according to your faith.

Never bother asking if you are not believing.

Praying without asking is punishment without knowing. Believing is expecting.

Expectation is the point of delivery of answers, only the expectation of the righteous shall be granted. Prov.23:18; 24:14


  • Elijah – 1 Ki.18:41-46

Expectation may be tested and delayed, but it will surely come.

To strengthen your expectation keep making declaration.

The process is; asking, believing, expecting, declaring and receiving.


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