Partnering with God- David Abioye

Serving God makes you, a partner with God, a trader with God an ally of God.

Furthermore, you became an investor with God, a relation of God, one with God. 1 Cor.3:9; Eph.2:10

Those who are on the go for God usually attract Him.

If you go for Him, He will go with you – Mk.16:15-20

You cannot run at a loss when you partner with God.

You cannot be stranded with God as Your partner.

Partnership function on the platform of agreement and interest. Amos.3:3; Deut.28:1-13

If you are commitedly and consistently there for Him He will always be there for you according to His size – the big God on the move for a “small” man.

As a result of partnership with God

  • You are empowered to cast out devils. Lk.10:17-19
  • You enjoy deliverance as He appeared as the fourth man in the fire. Dan.3:24-28
  • Lions mouths are stopped. Dan.6:10-22
  • Opposition are compelled to bow. Ps.114:1-10

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