Connecting Divine Help- David Abioye

Divine is a description of above and whatever is from above is above all.

Divine help simply means help from above. Ps 18:16-19; 121:1,2

It was divine help that made David – 1 Chr 12:21,22

Paul’s continuity is traceable to divine help – Acts 26:22

To help the helpless, defend the defenceless, rescue to overpowered and to release the captured is the whole essence of divine help.

Help is assistance over something for which you can do nothing.

Help is for those who don’t deserve it but desire it – Heb 4:16. Mercy sets pace for help.

God’s power is usually released for man’s help. Power is for the helpless on daily basis. Everyday is day of need – Matt 6:34.

But help is not assumed. It comes by calling for it. Heb 4:16.

In prayer the Holy Spirit, our Helper comes down in His power to help us, especially when we pray in the Holy ghost – Ps 59:19; Rom 8:26; Eph 6:18; 1 Cor 14:2

The Holy Spirit is our designated Help – John 14:6-9

–       When we pray, we invite the Holy Spirit who releases his power to enable us and help us in the time of need to overpower our oppositions.


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