Speak Against the Contrary- David Abioye

The key to overcoming any contrary situation is to speak against it.

To overcome sin speak vehemently against sin.

To overcome failure, poverty, sickness and disease, speak audaciously against them.

What you don’t want to remain, don’t watch – speak against them.

Jesus spoke against the storm to calm the storm.

He cursed the fig tree to get it off mocking him.

He confronted the Pharisees and Sadducees to subdue them.

It is what you say that will stand and remain. Ex.12:31,32

Speak against fear and death to clear them off your vicinity.

What you speak against will soon fade away; if you don’t speak they will stay. Ps.18:44,45

In our silence satan hides and hangs around us to further fortify himself but when we roar, he is shaken to his root and suddenly disappears.


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