Engaging the Wonders of Prayer & Fasting Pt3- Pst Chilo

Every season of prayer and fasting is a season of refreshing and rejuvenation. It is a season of the demonstration of the Spirit of God. Prayer and Fasting is God ordained tool for the redeemed to enjoy the blessings of God on their lives. To enforce the delivery of their inheritance in Christ.

Prayer is asking and receiving from God. If you pray and there is no answer it means your prayer is not complete. Prayer is an invitation of God to take charge of the situations of your. Fasting will amount to nothing without prayers. The essence of fasting is to facilitate speedy answers to our prayers.

Wonders of Prayer & Fasting

  • Prayer and fasting empowers us for fulfillment of prophecy; “the more you pray the closer God comes to you”.
  • Prayer and fasting empowers the establishment of souls in the faith, Galatians 4:19.
  • Prayer changes our story from obscurity to light, Matthew 6:33
  • Prayer and fasting facilitates speedy answer to our prayers, Isaiah 58:6-9
  • Prayers provokes the mercies of God, Hebrews 4:16
  • Prayer Engraces & Strengthens the Believer

If you don’t pray you will fail/faint. Kingdom advancement prayers is key for a triumphant life.

When we pray, we have to be specific and avoid ambiguity. Prayer and fasting id not to punish us but to polish us. Anytime we fast, we weaken

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