Keep Declaring the Truth- David Abioye

Truth never gets people weary. Truth energizes.

You don’t become a victim of destruction standing on and by the truth.

People never get tired of hearing you just as you don’t get tired of speaking, if it is the truth you are declaring.

Truth is transparent.  Truth does not hide.

It may be threatened and covered but it can not die and so will emerge sooner or later.

You don’t have to think of what you said last if it is the truth.

Truth, truth! Nothing lasts like truth.

Stand for it and it will make you outstanding.

Defend it and it will defend you from all troubles.

Those who stand by the truth can not be phased out.

Lies can’t wipe out truth. Lies will always lie down for truth to pass.

Destinies built around lies will always lie low.

Keep declaring the truth!


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