Engaging the Wonders of Prayer & Fasting- Israel Oyebanji


Psalm 11:3, There cannot be a going well without a starting well. Proverbs 16:1. The way you start matters alot to the eventual success of any adventure. Avoid every form of distraction that may sway you from your focus.

Satan is seeking to deny you of your portion by stealing your focus. Prayer and fasting is a primary law for experiencing breakthrough, Matthew 17:21.

Church growth is a warfare not a fun-fare, Matthew 16:18. The gates of hell will not prevail only if we engage in the spiritual warfare of prayer and fasting. God is not interested in the death of sinners but their salvation.

Benefits of Prayer and Fasting

  • It is a platform for spiritual empowerment that changes our level of command in the supernatural. Matthew 17:21, in fasting and prayer we generate enough strength to engage in spiritual warfare. Isaiah 58:6
  • Prayer and fasting destroys the gates of hell and reign of the devil against the church 1 Corinthians 16:9, Proverbs 24:10.
  • Outbreak of revelation for supernatural breakthrough, Isaiah 58:6-

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