#LiveServiceUpdate: Unveiling the Unlimited power of Faith pt5- Israel Oyebanji 

Pst Israel Oyebanji

If you don’t say who you are people will call you ou who you are not; you are a child of destiny. It doesn’t matter what people think about you, it is what God says about you that matters.

An encounter with destiny begins with God because God is the maker of all things. Destiny refers to what God has ordained us to be in life. If you don’t meet with God your needs remain unmet. Any success outside God is not eternal and they come with their problems.

Moses wasted 40years of his life until he met with God. The same is the case of Paul before he became he renowned Apostle of Christ. Dven Peter’s endless but unproductive toil only came to an end after his encounter with Jesus. Jeremiah 1:5 there is what God has ordained you to be. As a matter of fact, destiny is about what you desire/aspire to be but what God has ordained you to be.

How to Fulfill Destiny:

  • Have a Vision for your life: vision is not a dream; though it can be communicated via a dream, it is bot an ambition. Anywhere you find yourself and you don’t find satisfaction then you are in the wrong place. If you talented in something doesn’t make it what God has designed you for- yet it can be an asset and enhancer in what God has ordained you for.
  • Through Prayers: Daniel 2:17-19. In prayer, God reveals His plans for our lives. Prayer is the platform for revelations of secrets. Joshua 1:8 you need to go to God in prayers and study God’s word.
  • Faith: you need to believe God’s word after He has revealed His secrets to us. Faith is not waiting for God but putting God’s words to work. Obey every instruction that comes to you towards the fulfilment of your destiny. 2 Corinthians 6:2. Faith is being fully persuaded of the truth no matter the prevailing circumstances until it comes to fulfilment, Romans 4:17-21.

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