Ever imagined that God was emotionally unstable; with varying and extreme mood swings? One who only dealt with us according to his feelings and not based on the integrity and character of his word.
One who could decide one moment that we are no longer born again, and then change when he feels good then change again… and so on. We could wake up one morning to find the sun has landed on earth- right in front of your doorstep.; Mountains hopping in the sky and trees scampering on the streets. No Planes nor ships because He may alter the laws of gravity and floatation in a jiffy. 

Imagine withholding the air because of a bad mood, or drying up all of earth’s waters. He could decide that men grow teeth on the belly, noses at the back, eyes under foot or ears on the knee. The bizarre list is endless.

But Hallelujah! Our God is not a man. He is stable, dependable and consistent; that’s why He’s called the rock of ages. Nevertheless, He wants us to act like Him, which explains why He created us in His image in the very first place and has given us His Holy Spirit dwelling and settling in our hearts.

We all at some point have been guilty of this and need to repent. So the very next time you find yourself acting erratically, remember you were created in God’s image.


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