God First- Ayo Oritsejafor

“Then one said, Please consent to go with your servants, And he answered, I will go.” 2 Kings 6:3

If you must successfully reach a new height and attain a new phase of destiny, God must constantly be with you. If you must experience a change, then your very existence must be centered on God. The reason many people suffer setbacks in their lives, jobs, family, etc. is because they relegate God to one small corner of their lives. When you place God in just a small corner of your life where you go to Him only on Sundays, you are simply telling Him that you are comfortable at that place of lack, sickness, miscarriage, joblessness, insecurity, etc. God wants to play a more active role in your life. In fact God wants to be your all in all.

The sons of the Prophet in 2 Kings 6 did not say because their fathers were prophets they did not need a spiritual head to direct them. One said to Elisha “…Be content, I pray thee, and go with thy servants.” Do not get too big and proud that you forget the place of the Shepherd that God has set you under. God placed your Pastor where you are for a reason, if you fail to acknowledge and make good use of the opportunity presented, you may end up facing burdens that are too heavy for you to carry alone.

I have often said your earthly father represents where you are coming from while your spiritual father represents where you are going to. There is a vital role God has given your spiritual father to play on your journey to destiny and if for some reason you neglect him, you may end up not reaching your desired height.

I plead with you as servant of God, do not fail to seek spiritual assistance and direction before embarking on your spiritual journey to destiny fulfillment.

FURTHER READING: 2 Kings 6:3, John 10:11-18

PRAYER/CONFESSION: I place You Lord as first in my life. Come and be my all in all.

WORDS OF WISDOM: God wants to play a more active role in your life.


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