Unveiling the Unlimited Power of Faith pt 2A- Israel Oyebanji 

Israel Oyebanji

Deuteronmy 7:15

Faith is synonymous to wonder; and wonders are the unexplainable acts of God among men, Acts 3:1-10. Sickness is not of God but an affliction of the devil, John 10:10. Sickness is sent by the devil to bring men down, empty their pockets and destroy the glory of God upon men’s lives.

Once you have an encounter with God, supernatural strength is released into you, Psalm 107:10. A wonder is what makes people amazed and try to phantom what God has done. John 6:28-29

Faith is what you need to take delivery of your supernatural health. Faith is a spiritual treasure of inestimable value, Habakuk 2:4. We are what we are in Christ by the level of faith we have at work in us, Matthew 9:29. You cannot forge Faith. 

Prayer: Lord help my faith to deliver.


  • Faith works when Faith is put to work. The Faith that must produce is the Faith that must be put to work. Until you are mad for God you cannot be madw by Him. Don’t wait for things to happen, make the prescribed move and things will fall in place. 

Whatever God tells you to do, do it. Luke 5:18-20

  • Faith is mot to be described or explained but it must be applied.

1 Corinthians 6:20 what you don’t believe cannot deliver anything to you.

1 Timothy 5:6, Matthew 15:26 healing is the natural right of God’s children.


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