Relevance Vs Prominence- David Abioye

How many people will ever arrive at the top in any system? Of course, only one at a time.

Not all my gain prominence but all can maintain relevance.

God did not call us to be prominent but to be relevant.

He didn’t call us into competition and rivalry but to complement.

He didn’t call us to be famous but to be fruitful.

Those who seek prominence always end as competitive but those who maintain relevance always end as contributive.

The journey to the front begins from the back; to the top begins from the floor, to greatness from smallness.

Enjoy doing small things because it is the secret behind every big thing that is working.

What God recognizes is our function, not our number on the line.

Your number is of no essence in ministry.

What God designs you for is what He assigns you to. If He did not assign you to a task, it is because he did not design you for it.

Never feel inferior or insignificant about your assignment, enjoy it and abide by it.


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