Serving God Pays pt3- Israel Oyebanji 

Soul winners are wise people. Serving God is the key to stardom. Serving God takes out the none entities in us and makes us celebrities. Luke 22:28-30 every servant of God is entitled to a throne.
If your life is useless right now, allow God make use of it and you will end up the most useful. Your service to God is not a waste of time but an investment into the future. Serving God gives you divine speed of achievement that enables you overtake those who seem to have gone ahead of you.

What are the requirements for acceptable service?

  • Serve God Cheerfully-Joel 1:11-12, serving God with joy and gladness makes things better because God intervenes.
  • Serve God heartily- serve God with the whole of your heart and your reward will come, Ephesians 6:6-8 you don’t serve God to please men but from the heart to God.

There’s always room for everyone serving God. It is your service that qualifies you for your throne.


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