Serving God Pays pt2- Pst Shiloh

The wiser you are the brighter you shine. Ecclesiastics 8:1 the wise is one who guides his life with discretion. He is one who allows the word of God to rule his life and destiny. The wise is one who wins souls for Christ and openly assiciates with Christ.

Serving God pays the most. This is the endtime secret available to the believer to be able to live comfortably through this era of economic downturn. Nothing can compare with the worth of a redeemed soul in the sight of God. Hence, if God so values the souls of men, anyone who wins souls will attract God’s attention, Luke 15:7, Luke 22:35. God will do anything for a soul winner. A single soul you bring to God brings celebration to heaven therefore, heaven will bring celebration to those who engage in soul winning.

Avenues for Soul Winning

  • Kingdom Advancement Prayers
  • Meeting the needs of souls won
  • Outreaches

Requirements that makes our kingdom engagements acceptable- Hebrews 12:18

  • Serve God openly– simply means unashamedly, Romans 1:16. We must be proud and glad to declare the gospel. Daniel 6:5,10/19-22, Hebrews 13:13 God makes you when men mock you, Hebrews 11:26
  • Serve God Willingly- be passionate about the things of God. Isaiah 1:19 to be willing here means a choice to serve God. 2 Corinthians 8:12. Willingness starts from the mind; it must be in your heart before you begin to act. Daniel 6:8, 1 Corinthians 9:17.

Proofs of Acceptable Stewardship

  • Supernatural Favor- Daniel 6:3

Psalm 14:35, Matthew 24:45 wisdom procures favor. Psalm 102:14

  • Supernatural Breakthroughs- Job the greatest is Job the confirmed servant. Job 1:8 when we serve God acceptably, He builds an edge of protection round about us.

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