Covenant Day of Exemption: Understanding the Wonders of Kingdom Stewardship-Israel Oyebanji 


worshippers at canaanland, Ota

Psalm 91:2, What you say is what you see. Proverbs 3:35 the wiser tou are the brighter you shine. If you want to see the glory of God, go for wisdom. One major access to divine wisdom is kingdom stewardship. Serving God makes you wise, Proverbs 11:30. Every step of wisdom you take in life ends up in glory.

Kingdom stewardship is serving the interest of God’s kingdom- praying for the lost, reaching out to them. Kingdom makes a wonder out of a wonderer, Matthew 5:19. 1 Chronicle 29:23 your passion for the things of God is your passage/road map to the glory. Where you place God determines where you will be places on earth. 

How do I improve in my Kingdom Service?

  • Be more zealous– zeal is a mark of commitment. Zeal here is the emotional engagement in the things of God.
  • Be Involved- show interest in the things of God. Let the things of God move you, Psalm 122:1. When you are zealous it shows in everything you do.

Rewards for Soul Winning

Among other things, for every soul winner is a crown of glory lying in wait, John 3:16, 2 Timothy 4:5-8

  • Every Soul Winner is on God’s payroll- John 4:24-26
  • Everlasting covenant of peace is waiting for every soul winner- Numbers 25:11-13
  • Kingdom Stewardship makes You become unstoppable
  • Kingdom Stewardship entitles you to divine exemption- Malachi 3:17

God takes record of your service. Isaiah 38:3-5, Exodus 8:20-22′ Exodus 9:1-7, 


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