The Strongest Animal- David Abioye

5_imagelargeIn the kingdom of animals, it is a common knowledge that the lion is the king of the jungle.

But by Biblical rating of animals the strongest is not the lion but the sheep.

The lion, even though is considered to be the strongest is vulnerable to unimaginable dangers such as hunger which leads to death. Ps 34:10.

Even though no animal escapes the strength of lion. But what cheaply strangulate it to death however is the invisible and invincible force of hunger.

Hunger is an internal torture that cannot be fought by physical strength. Food is the only cure to hunger and food for all living being comes from God. Ps 145:15, 16

It is an historical fact that most lions die for lack of prey.

But, it is not so with the sheep who suffers no want or hunger nor protection because she has a shepherd guiding and watching over her. Ps 23:1-6

That is why the guided usually end as the strongest.

Therefore, never be tired of following the dictates of your Shepherd in order not to be depleted of strength.

Don’t struggle with the Shepherd nor rebel at His guidance because He knows the way in which He lovingly guides you.

By sheepishly following Him, you commit Him to your ceaseless supply and heavily fortified defence.


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