Serving God Pays pt1B- Pst Afam

IMG_1322The Kingdom of God operates  very rich, vibrant and stable economy. The Kingdom of God affords immense opportunities for investment into it with very attractive rewards, but only those who are wise enough can benefit from it, Matthew 13:44. The kingdom of God is so important that you can sell your earthly holdings to invest into it.

The capital interest in this economy is simply soul winning. Soul winning is a sure access into God’s kingdom wealth. Every time you spend on soul winning accrues to you grace to excel. Every born again child of God is mean to engage in this opportunity. John 15:16, John 4:36

How do we commit God unto our Affairs?

  • Serving God’s Interest- commitment to soul winning, commitment to kingdom advancement activities and everything that pleases God. Salvation and redemption of soul is God’s capital interest. Exodus 23:25-26, Hebrews 12:28

Requirements to Acceptable Stewardship

  • Righteousness–  Malachi 3:3-5
  • Faithfulness– Proverbs 28:20
  • Expectancy– while serving you must have expectations because God rewards openly those who are truly serving.

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