My prayer is that you will walk in financial fortune this year in Jesus’ name!
Every financial stress in your life is over in the name of Jesus!

 I decree today, an end to your financial troubles!

Receive grace to be an ever willing, consistent thither in the name of Jesus!

Your life will absolutely be debt free this year!

An end has come to borrowing and begging in your life in Jesus’ precious name!

I decree your financial struggles over today!

Every air financial misfortune around your life is cursed in Jesus name!

Before the month of March is ended, you are singing a new song!

Every financial tension comes to an end in your life in Jesus name!

Before you appear at Shiloh, you are financial wonder!

Whatever disqualifies you for financial fortune in your life is cursed in the name of Jesus name!

From this year onward, an end has come to every financial stress in your life!

Instruction: Commit to Tithing on your personal finances and business no matter what for the next six months and watch God open the windows of heaven over your life. 


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