Facebook Posts- Da Thinker


When I see people come to Facebook to post and boast about how philanthropic they are I just wonder. 

So on your birthday you went to the orphanage to give them indomie and lacasera, we no go hear word again. Photo ops everywhere and posts about how humble you are. Or maybe you gave a beggar 5k because he was doing this or that so we no go hear word again. 

I always ask myself, did you actually do it for them or you did it for your ego enhancement. Don’t forget, that orphanage was opened by someone and that someone sacrifices every single day without posting it on Facebook. These people sit there through the illnesses of these kids and brag not about it but you spend 50k and you want to get likes and comments. Some adopt these kids others sponsor their education so please spare us the noise about your gala and Fanta. 

We have lawyers who use their resources to fight for prisoners without making noise. We have churches who have prison ministries that cater for them without making noise so when I see a clown come on Facebook and beat his or her chest (mostly her) that she’s very generous and even has the effrontery to question the christian faith I laugh at their ignorance. 

The world is not run on likes and comments. There are people out there whose lives are centered around doing good and not your flash in the pan philanthropy. 

Too many people seeking validation from the wrong places. 



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